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Audience Development

In many ways, “marketing” is what you say about yourself and “public relations” is what others say about you.


In audience development and publicity, our goal is to encourage and inspire fans, music businesses and the media to participate in dialogue about you and your music, whether that's direct engagement between artist and the fan base or media outlet, or that dialogue is independent of the artist’s direct involvement. Either way, our goal is to encourage the conversation to take place.


Orpheus can help you spark awareness of your music and build your fan base. Our services include:

- Public relations strategy and media engagement 

- Press release writing and electronic press kit design

- Outreach to media, trades, blogs, playlist managers, etc.

- Record release and gig promotion publicity support

- Social media strategy and program management 

- Community-building content ideation and creation

We can help you get fans and the press talking about your music, and we can help you keep them engaged so they stay part of your community. Our audience development and publicity programs are custom-built to meet the specific goals of each artist. Pricing for press and publicity outreach to support a Single or an Album release generally ranges from $250 to $1,250.


Please click HERE to tell us more about you, your music and your objectives; we'll reach out to speak with you one-on-one and build a program and quote specific to your needs. 

Electronic Press Kit (EPK) example created for

Elizabeth II to promote "All My Failures"

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