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Full Service Audio Production

Orpheus Music is ready and eager to assist you with your professional recording needs, and we can can offer two levels of service to accommodate your artist and economic objectives:

In-House Recording at Orpheus Music

Orpheus can economically assist artist in tracking and producing high-quality finished audio recordings using our in-house studio equipment and recording room in Washington, DC. Whether for demos or final distribution to music platforms like Spotify, Apple, Sound Cloud or any major digital distribution platform, we can get you there quickly and efficiently.  Services available through our in-house recording facility include:

  • Staff Producer/Engineer

  • Arranging and co-writing services

  • Tracking for guitars, bass, electronic keyboards and vocals

  • Digital drums and percussion

  • Backing talent identification, hiring and scheduling

  • Mixing and mastering

Highest Fidelity Recording with Orpheus Music at Bias Studios

Through Orpheus' partnership with Bias Studios, Orpheus artists' can access this premier recording facility in the Washington DC area. Bias features two studios and enables a full suite of recording and production services, including:

  • Tracking for all instruments and vocals

  • Arranging

  • Editing

  • Mixing

  • Mastering

  • Staff Producer

  • Staff Recording Engineer

  • Backing talent identification, hiring and scheduling

  • Audio restoration

  • Production

Please contact us HERE to learn more about recording with Orpheus Music!

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