Elizabeth II

With catchy melodies and a sick groove packed into three-minute explosions of punk, pop and rock, multi-WAMMIE Award Winner Elizabeth II delivers as a player, as a singer, and as a songwriter.


Orpheus Music collaborated with Beth Canon, the artist that is Elizabeth II, on the writing of her latest single, "All My Failures," as well as on the recording and producing of the track at legendary Bias Studios. Orpheus also supported the track with marketing services, including social media strategy and content development, electronic press kit (EPK) and press outreach materials development, and spearheaded publicity outreach to music trades, blogs and media. Within the first month of the track's release, Orpheus secured more than 35 media and playlist placements for Elizabeth II and helped "All My Failures" notch more than 8,000 audio and video streams.

Summary Case Study of Orpheus Music's work with Elizabeth II and the May 2021 Release of  "All My Failures"