These are our basic services. We know one size doesn't fit all, so if you don't see your need here, let us know and we can craft a project just for you.


NEW in 2020!

Orpheus now offers limited booking opportunities for existing clients seeking gigs in the Washington, DC area. Contact us for details!

Songwriting/Musical Composition

Concierge and collaborative songwriting 

  • Collaborative support for existing compositions

  • Co-writing for new compositions

  • Original songs written by Orpheus

  • Arrangements

  • Lyrics

Full-Service Audio Recording and Production

Bias Studios: a premier recording facility in the Washington DC area

  • Tracking, Arranging, mixing and mastering

  • Staff Producer

  • Staff Recording Engineer

  • Backing talent identification, hiring and scheduling

Marketing and Creative Services

Marketing and visual media to express your vision

  • Brand development and logo creation

  • Graphic design, illustration and copywriting

  • Photography and videography

  • Song/Album release cover artwork

  • Branded signage, gig posters and flyers

  • Advertising and promotion services

  • Website and digital media development

  • Merch ideation and design

  • Music video production

Orpheus Live Professional Video Services

Live performances staged and captured at the legendary Bias Studios

  • Live video and audio recording

  • Mixing and mastering

  • Streaming services

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  • Instagram
  • SoundCloud