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Songwriting and Arrangement

Are you a songwriter looking for someone to collaborate with and make your compositions really shine? Do you need a professional’s perspective on your composition’s arrangement? The answer, no matter your skills or experience, should be yes. 

No one finds success as a songwriter and/or performer without the support of others. This support can take many forms. It can be simple feedback on an existing composition. It can be musical ideas/phrases designed to complete an unfinished composition. It can be help tightening lyrics to make them more memorable. It can be deciding whether it’s best to include an electric piano in your song’s breakdown instead of an acoustic guitar. 

Put simply, the support of others is invaluable, and that’s what we provide with our songwriting and arrangement services. With Orpheus, you get a dedicated music professional to help you turn your good song into a great one. And with a commitment to record the composition with Orpheus, this service is often free of charge. 

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